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The Current State Of Social Networks

I love infographics and this is another great piece to add to the list. Ignite Social Media recently dropped this depiction of just how social media networks look in today's online search space. It points out some of the winners...

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Bing Lays The Smack Down Part 1

Is it the battle between good and evil? The clash of the titans? Call it what you will there is still a search war between Bing & Google. As long as people have fingers and they need to find stuff...

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Bootstrapped Budget? 3 Inexpensive SEM Areas To Focus With Empty Pockets

If you are in the process of launching a new business online or you have one that has never seen any marketing online you will quickly see that things cost money once you get rolling. Hiring professionals to tackle every...

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A Dissection Of Google’s Official SEO Tips

Yes Google actually has an official SEO guide that I think every person should download and take the time to comb through. If you still don't believe what Google has to say about some of these elements below you might have some...

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Characteristics of a Good Internet Marketer

What are the characteristics of a good internet marketer? I can’t help to hear the horror stories from people that go through some very awful and terrible SEO experiences with other firms. Over promising and under delivering seems to be...

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What Should I Write In My Blog?

Acquiring writers block is very common and it can really happen to anyone. If writing is a bit more difficult for you it can get tough coming up with new blog material for your audience. There are different ways you can...

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5 Critical Mistakes Many New Website Owners Make

Launching a new website today is not like launching a new website 5 years or even 10 years ago. Actually it is not even close. Things have changed quite a bit and often times new website owners really don’t understand...

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Obama Marketing – What We Can All Learn from his Brand

We all remember Barack Obama and his online marketing approach during his first election a few years back; it changed the way politicians communicate with the community online and offline. Obama literally changed the landscape and wrote the book on how politicians...

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This Is Why You Need To Use Twitter

I often times speak with potential clients who say “oh that Twitter thing, I don’t really need that” it always gets me because every business that has an audience should be utilizing these social platforms in some sort of fashion....

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The Future Of Internet Marketing

The SEO industry is a very fast moving industry and those who truly stay on top of trends and topics while keeping their creative dome pieces on nice and tight will be the ones that flourish. Things like link building...

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