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Don’t Ever Assume Anything Online

When it comes to search engine marketing or virtually promoting anything online one thing you never want to do is make assumptions with your website traffic. Assuming something will happen or a website visitor will do something on your website...

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Need To Boost Search Engine Rankings?

Are you in a position where you need to boost search engine rankings for your website? Rankings for websites occur at different stages and at different times so don’t expect them to happen right away when you start to market your...

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Google’s April Fools Joke

We knew Google had to do something to prank the community. Although if you watched this video it seems pretty convincing. How many people out there sat in front of their gmail account waving their arms around thinking their email...

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Link Building Got You All Confused?

Link building is an area that is a must for almost any business which decides to spread their message online to pull in relevant traffic. Many websites often times conduct great link building by accident just by going through the motions...

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How To Smell A Snake

There is no doubt about it there are some real snakes in the search marketing industry and we have all heard the horror stories from clients who have fallen prey. Search marketing “experts” saying crazy things to acquire clients only...

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SEO Strength Comes From The Core

  Unfortunately better search engine rankings for any website usually do not just happen on their own unless you are a shoe cobbler in the middle of Alabama and you have virtually no competition…or neighbors. In today’s search engine space you...

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Understanding Search Ranking Factors

A good amount of new online entrepreneurs sometimes fall prey to thinking that achieving search rankings for their brand spanking new URL should and will come easy. With a few sprinkles of this and a dash of that before you know...

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SEO And Car Insurance…The Emotions Are The Same

  I think many people cringe when having to purchase SEO than they do when they have to pay for car insurance. Why is that? Is it because SEO is such an unknown for many people and the concept alone is...

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How Do I Know If Search Marketing Is Working?

Search marketing services can often times be a strange purchase for many business owners just because it is such an intangible purchase. How do you quantify results? Is anything working how it is supposed to? These are questions all website...

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How Google Search Works

Have you ever wondered how exactly Google search really works? I know that many of us simply hop onto our computers every morning or afternoon to communicate with our friends on Facebook or find out what temperature to set our stove...

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