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7 Reasons Why ROI Should Never Be A Question

Return on investment (ROI) is a tricky factor to drop into the initial decision process when shopping around for internet marketing for your company. Internet marketing and search engine optimization has so many overlapping factors that it can often times...

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The SEO Rapper Is Back!

If you have never seen the SEO Rapper you are in for a treat. A few years back I bumped into his first few videos and it was a breathe of fresh air for the industry. It was unique, it...

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What Do You Do When You Can’t Buy Groupon?

We all knew this had to happen when Groupon decided to give the axe to Google purchasing the group buying giant. Some think Groupon is nuts not take the 6 or billion smackers others think it is a wise move....

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Google Website Clinic Recap

I love it when Google gives search engine marketing advice because who better to hear it from right? Google often shares many good pieces of information to people who want to hear how they should be structuring their website so the search...

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Is Web 3.0 Really Here?

The folks over at TechCrunch have a really interesting video set featuring Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and Tim O'Reilly, founder of O'Reilly Media where they discuss the evolution of the web 3.0 era we are all feeling and seeing...

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Ten Ways To Kill Your Brand On Facebook

Brands don’t mean to make mistakes they just do and some mistakes can cause serious damage to a brand if not corrected quickly. With social media being such a powerful driving force in today’s business world it comes with a...

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SEO Hamburger?

You know you can compare a lot of SEO techniques and efforts to a steamy juicy off the grill hamburger. If you are a vegetarian I truly apologize but these I think are the most important elements of a complete...

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What Does Link Building Look Like?

Link building is one of those marketing parts that can be rather mystifying but like everything in life it involves awareness, involvement and an open mind to attack appropriately. Regrettably there are many phony link building solutions out there that...

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Bing Lays The Smack Down Part 2

Here is part 2 to my Bing Lays The Smack Down post series where in part 1 Stefan Weitz discusses some of the issues with search and primarily stemming around innovation and change with the technology. He determines that we...

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Great Optimization Explanation Video Directly From Google

Here is a great explanation of how optimization works in Google search directly from Matt Cutts, the head of spam for Google and their poster boy so to speak. Often times people seem to wonder why it is that certain...

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