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Ways to Improve your Online Presence during the Holidays

  As Halloween approaches, the end of October signals the beginning of the holiday season. For businesses, the holidays are a busy and demanding time. Customers are looking for the best deals, fastest shipping, and are expecting holiday cheer with customer...

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Influencers vs. Brands: Who’s Really Running the Show?

  In recent months, there’s been a great deal of debate over the amount of influence an influencer should truly have over a material, product, or brand. Believe it or not, half of the companies polled recently admitted that they wanted...

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Is Enhanced Digital Privacy the End of Cookie-Driven Marketing Data?

  Cookies are little bits of information placed on a user’s browser that can not only make browsing more efficient for the user but can also give the marketer and brand access to very important non-identifiable data. As enhanced digital privacy...

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How to Incorporate Your Portfolio on the Landing Page

  A portfolio highlights your best work. No matter what type of business you own, designs you create or photographs you take, it's a personal calling card that shows what makes you unique. However, figuring out the best placement for your...

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The Role of Brand Safety in Digital Marketing

Brand safety is not a new concept. Since the inception of newspapers and magazines, advertisers have recognized that advertising needs to be placed properly within the content. Layouts encompass more than just the visual appeal of how a page is...

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5 Strategies to ‘Humanize’ Your Brand

  You, just like your customers and employees, are human. Despite the significant rise of automation in businesses, every aspect of a business comes into contact with a human at some point. Without humans, there would be no business. These things...

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How to Create the Most Productive (and Happy) Internet Marketing Team

  A happy team is naturally more productive and creative than people who hate their jobs. What is the magic ingredient that makes some marketing teams more satisfied than others? Personalities come into play anytime a group of people works together,...

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Apply These 5 Effective Techniques for Smarter Digital Marketing

  Digital marketing, or the use of purposeful marketing strategies via the Internet, has grown not only in use but in efficacy as well. Digital marketing encompasses social media as well as advertising through search engines like Google and Bing through...

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10 Ways a Solopreneur Can Improve Site Conversions

  When you're the only person running, promoting, and growing your company, site conversions may take a back burner. Yet, if you can grab the visitors who land on your website and turn them into customers, you'll automatically grow your business....

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20 Collaboration Tools To Boost Digital Marketing Teams’ Productivity

  Digital marketing involves a lot of moving parts — and a lot of team members wearing multiple hats. Collaboration is crucial to projects’ success.   Unfortunately, old-school apps and systems don’t lend themselves to collaboration. Have you ever worked on a digital...

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